Young & Old

A theme from May.  I did a photoshoot last Saturday for a litter of ten 7 week old Ridgeback puppies.  The breeder has 8 of her own ridgies, plus we took our 2 ridgies and  labrador – there was a visitor with one of her boys and other visitors for the weekend. Oh, and champagne was involved.

Was it an organised shoot – Not in the least!!  But we all had a lot of fun.

There are 4 generations here.  Great grandma Lola in the middle, dear sweet adorable grandma Bubble on the left who was incredibly ill last year but has pulled through (she is the mother of our beautiful Moll).  Then there is the “Mum” Luca who is Molly’s sister and finally there is baby Theo.

Needless to say it is hard to do photoshoots of puppies and not be tempted.  This time we failed and little Theo stole our hearts.  We don’t have first choice and a couple of other people have him down as one of their possible choices, so we are having to wait until the weekend to see if he is ours  –  I think he might be though.

Just what I need at present, another puppy, especially as I have so little to do at present (please note heavy sarcasm).




This little heater is like a drug to these two.  It wasn’t even that cold when I took this, but I had put it on so they would settle down and I could work in peace.  Quite comical watching them vie for the best place as well – initially they scrabble like children and then Moll looks to me if Roo is unfair and takes too much space as she knows I will sort it out, although Roo always gets prime spot – and she’s the smallest. Doggy politics 🙂

I have just updated my pro blog with a few more shots of Alice (re. blue pallets and stacked theme).  Here is the link:

Linda Johnstone Photography Blog

Brief note I know, but need to sleep, has been a busy few days.  Will be back to my usual chatty self soon 🙂


I realise this was March’s theme but as this shot taken on a photoshoot I did yesterday was inspired by the “Stacked” theme on the Photowalk, I felt it well deserved a place on here.  The location was a Business Park, deserted as it was Easter Monday and a wonderful playground for a photographer.  Saw these pallets straight away and knew I would have to utilise them in the shoot – the theme uppermost in my mind.   I also knew the blue would complement skin tones wonderfully.  The red jacket just completed the picture for me.

Apart from some very slight tweaking in LR2, it is sooc – who needs PS when you have just perfection to work with 🙂

Btw – the jacket was her mother’s – an original “Thin Lizzy” momento (remember them?).  It is reversible and I’ve a few shots showing the iconic labels embroidered on the back and front.

Gorgeous isn’t she – and she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is to look at.


Went to a local park which was disappointing as so scruffy – came across this.  Bizarre to think that someone carried this for a couple of miles to dump it here.  You may not want to know this, but people have since deposited doggy poo bags inside.  At least I resisted taking a picture of that – wasn’t difficult to resist.


This is the famous West Pier in Brighton (UK).  The pillars in the foreground are all that remain of the walkway to what remains of the pier.

We are very proud of it and has been part of my personal history for many years. Sadly it has been subject to a number of arson attacks and is now beyond saving.  We have photos of this taken less than 20 years ago showing its magnificent splendour and even I was surprised at how much it has deteriorated.  However,  it is still a much loved landmark.

If anyone saw and remembers “Tommy” the film starring “The Who”, it was used in the film.  There was a fire (probably arson again) during filming and the film crew managed to capture it and used it in the film.

At one time it was up for sale for £1 – but as a listed structure, it would have cost several millions to save it.

Planning permission was granted to restore this wonderful pier as a restaurant & shopping centre but as much as the local community want this, it was not at any cost – despite several million being set aside by the National Lottery.  Also, there was understandably some concern for existing businesses.

It then went up in flames (yet again).

It seems we are now getting the i360, an obelisk. Planned to be completed in time for the Olympic games. Looks like a photo op to me 😉

Here’s the link for more info:
The future for the Pier

The Pier